Configuration and Management (EDU-210)


Hardware / Virtual Machines

Hardware Architecture

Compare Next Generation Firewalls

Panorama Datasheet

Configure Resources Per VSYS

Software / Updates

Downgrade über Feature Releases

Tipps for managing Content Updates

Best Practices for PAN-OS Upgrade


Facebook Engineering: Scalable and secure access with SSH

Firewall Policies / Zone Protection / Protection Profiles

Packet Flow Sequence in PAN-OS

Zone Protection Profiles

Dynamig Groups: Auto-Tagging Video

Destination NAT with Port Translation Example

How to Check the NAT Buffer Pool
> show running ippool

Block Tor Exit nodes with an External Dynamic List (EDL)

Microsoft Public IP List


Application Research Center (Applipedia)

What is Application Dependency

Liste mit Application Level Gateways (ALG)

Disable the SIP Application-level Gateway (ALG)

Submit an Application


Create a Dedicated Service Account for the User-ID Agent

Best Practices for Securing User-ID Deployments

How to Check Users in LDAP Groups


PE Testfile

Wildfire Portal

SSL Decryption

Empfehlung: XCA Certificate management Tool

LetsEncrypt Certificates for Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect VPN

How to Create Subordinate CA Certificates with Microsoft Certificate Server

Log and Report

Correlation Engine

The following models support the automated correlation engine:

  • Panorama—M-Series appliances and virtual appliances
  • PA-7000 Series firewalls
  • PA-5200 Series firewalls
  • PA-3200 Series firewalls

Log Retention
–> show system logdb-quota

Additional information

Best Practice Assessment Tool Video

Knowledge Base

Security Information (CVE)

PaloAlto Best Practices

PaloAlto Cloud Status

Recommended PAN-OS Version