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doas, an alternative to sudo

Everybody knows sudo … right ? the bsd guys just hacked an alternative tool calleed doas …

simple, secure and clever

example follow later, here a good and quick tutorial.

Introduction to doas on OpenBSD

Quick and Dirty, Full Permission for group wheel

su -
if [ -f /etc/doas.conf ]; then 
  echo "permit nopass keepenv :wheel" >> /etc/doas.conf
  echo "permit nopass keepenv :wheel" > /etc/doas.conf

chmod 600 /etc/doas.conf

Allow User Joe to Switch to another User

cat << 'EOF' >> /etc/doas.conf
# give user joe right to switch to user webmaster -> "/usr/bin/su - webmaster"
permit nopass joe cmd /usr/bin/su args - webmaster

sha256: bfce3e35786e8739c192d14a286c3ccb13dc76e5010796b7a04f1ca5ec617c46