OpenBSD 7.1

OpenBSD 7.1 released ! … a while ago. I upgraded all my boxes since quite a while, but i didn’t write a short post about it. There is nothing really unexpected, a stable, easy, straigh-forward development of my favourite OS, except that there is a need for more than 1G Free Disk Space in /var. That was a bit a problem for smalled Boxes like the APU with 16G Disk …

OpenBSD 7.x Diskusage

Background It seems as OpenBSD (and the installed Software) is useing more and more Space in the /usr Partition. For Upgrading to 7.1, at least 1.1 GB Free Space is needed. So, i’m gooing to update my Default Partitioning Proposal like this: Example with 25 GB root@puffy# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/sd0a 3.9G 766M 2.9G 20% / /dev/sd0d 1.9G 20.0K 1.8G 0% /tmp /dev/sd0e 5.8G 36.