Commento - Selfhosting Comment

Selfhosting Comment some people mentioned that they can’t commment on some blogs. let’s change that, even there is not lot of feedback. i appreciate and read every comment and interaction with you, my readers. poeple who knows me that i like todo most of the stuff self. so, i’d never buy a “service” for hosting some comments. i’ve got enough infrastructure running so i can host and operate it on my own.

Comment - Just a Test

… just some Tests with a Selfhosted Comment System … Any Comments ? sha256: fb36d5cc6b606ccda2b76801b8272a47f07c51c1bb6b4c12d81d7c91f46eb060


just trying a new feature for leaving comments … it’s selfhosted, done with isso and quite painfull to install :( some people may like to provide feedback, ask questions, … Any Comments ? sha256: fed502f0a96744470fa42b910138efed8d462ce13a2f5329c61ad23fc133281e