Docker - Traefik - HugoBlog

Intro as i’m playing with traefik & docker, why not duplicate this blog in container ? for fun and profit ? let’s give at try … pre-condition you have traefik running and a wildcard certificate for a domain. see the previous posts … docker compose cat << 'EOF' > docker-compose.yml version: '3' services: hugo: image: jakejarvis/hugo-extended:latest ports: - 1313:1313 volumes: - ./src:/src command: server --buildDrafts --buildFuture --bind restart: always networks: - traefik labels: - "traefik.

Hugo Copy Button

I like Websites with the Copy Button for certain Snippets. Why not integrate into the own Blog ? Folder, Copy JS Stuff Change to Hugo Root Folder mkdir -p static/js/ cat << 'EOF' > static/js/copy-code.js (function() { 'use strict'; if(!document.queryCommandSupported('copy')) { return; } function flashCopyMessage(el, msg) { el.textContent = msg; setTimeout(function() { el.textContent = "Copy"; }, 1000); } function selectText(node) { var selection = window.getSelection(); var range = document.createRange(); range.selectNodeContents(node); selection.

Blog renamed

… just renamed the blog from “” to “” ! hope all the links are still working. redirection from old location should be in place Any Comments ? sha256: 7b4e2517426b596dcba03360c7f9e01b19c8a13218ca3e0ee666ffa9cff824e6


Any Comments ? sha256: 2b87a252a3d912530dd8c20df6bee7f6cbc4ede0074fdf217e318aab39d9736c