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as many of you, i’ve got different kind of stuff running, mostly internally, but also some public things.

my Server is your Honeypot

watch some live bruteforce attacks which happens to any public ip address on the internet … i get attacked with 10k/attemps per Day

Hamsterwheel Counter

my Daughter got a Hamster and he’s running every night in his Weel.. I built a small Wheel-Counter so we can see the Daily Stats an Performance of Cookie :). Website is in German and reachable via IPv6 only … Cookie Hamsterwheel Page

Personal Jitsi Server

running your own Jitsi Server is fun and really helpful these Days. And no, it’s neither expensive nor difficult. May i write a blog post about … ? It’s hosted on Hetzner and costs around 2.5 Euro / Month. With 20 TB of Traffic included. You’re not gooing to reach that limit :) my jitsi server

Puffy around the World

i created a small playground where i (and some friends) can test stuff, tools, scripts. it’s a learning playground based on OpenBSD.

… more to come …

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