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Deploy Sampleapp on Kuberentes … Prerequisite Domain “kubbi.xyz”, ns1.digitalocean.com, ns2, ns3 … Digital Ocean Login Doku https://docs.digitalocean.com/products/kubernetes/getting-started/operational-readiness/ Build Kubbi Cluster Build Cluster with WebGUI or CLI via CLI time doctl kubernetes cluster create prod001 --region fra1 --node-pool "size=s-2vcpu-2gb;auto-scale=true;min-nodes=3;max-nodes=5" FRA1 3 Nodes 2 CPU 2 GB RAM 60 GB Disk Costs: 54 USD/Mt! Connecting and managing this cluster doctl kubernetes cluster kubeconfig save 4375b470-ebe8-4ccb-925a-345df364dfbd user@mac % doctl kubernetes cluster kubeconfig save 4375b470-ebe8-4ccb-925a-345df364dfbd Notice: Adding cluster credentials to kubeconfig file found in "/Users/user/.

K8s - Kubernetes

Show Contexts kubectl config get-contexts CURRENT NAME CLUSTER AUTHINFO NAMESPACE * do-fra1-k8s-1-24-xxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-24-xxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-24-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-25-xxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-25-xxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-25-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-xxxxx do-fra1-k8s-xxxxx do-fra1-k8s-xxxxxxxxxxx Delete old Contexts kubectl config delete-context do-fra1-k8s-xxxxx Any Comments ? sha256: f12aa09936d175b3e23f2eebc1c152675d68dce6096b9ec02d7f8429b954b4fe

K3s - Kubernetes

Let’s give a Try with Kubernetes Mini, K3s Source https://k3s.io/ https://docs.k3s.io/ Overview TestSetup Booting a few VM’s on my ESX Host. All of them got 4 CPU’s, 32 GB RAM, 100G Disk 1 MasterNode Master 3 WorkerNodes Worker01 Worker02 Worker03 All Maschines are Running Debian Latest, that’s Version 11.6 at the Moment Setup Master curl -sfL https://get.k3s.io | sh - root@master:~/bin/test_kubernetes# curl -sfL https://get.k3s.io | sh - [INFO] Finding release for channel stable [INFO] Using v1.


Wanna run Kubernetes / Minikube on your Mac ? Install /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)" brew install hyperkit brew install minikube Run minikube start --vm-driver=hyperkit Stop minikube stop Any Comments ? sha256: 0caafebc7050ffed2e1239439e4c562d361635df5f40db6f25a54920978bbef7