OpenBSD 7.2

OpenBSD 7.2 finally released. Yesterday, the 53th Relase of OpenBSD got publised, the [Version 7.2)(https://www.openbsd.org/72.html). I’ll upgrade my boxes as usual with the following Script. The most obvious change is the Performance improvement for the Package Mangager, but there is always so more see undeadly Upgrade Guide As usual, follow to official Upgrade Guide. You can Upgrade with an USB Stick, ISO Image, PXE Boot or inline (from a running system).

OpenBSD 7.2 - Compare

there are a few Weeks until OpenBSD 7.2 will get released. Anyhow, running current is a good way to get a “preview” what’s in the pipeline and will come soon. one of the painpoint was update packages on OpenBSD. Not because it was difficult, but it took quite a lot of time. Specially, when you run a bunch of machines in different networks. Version and Time consumption sysctl kern.version pkg_info |wc -l time pkg_add -Vu OpenBSD 7.