Debian - MinIO

Minio on Debian Need some S3 Storage for Reasons ? Here a few Lines, how to Setup and enable TLS. Install Minio login as root for the whole installation. Or use sudo/doas if preferred. Upgrade you Box apt update && apt upgrade -y reboot if needed add User Let’s add User as we don’t wanna run it as root useradd -r minio-user -s /sbin/nologin Get Minio Download, set execute permission and move it

OpenBSD 7.x Diskusage

Background It seems as OpenBSD (and the installed Software) is useing more and more Space in the /usr Partition. For Upgrading to 7.1, at least 1.1 GB Free Space is needed. So, i’m gooing to update my Default Partitioning Proposal like this: Example with 25 GB root@puffy# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/sd0a 3.9G 766M 2.9G 20% / /dev/sd0d 1.9G 20.0K 1.8G 0% /tmp /dev/sd0e 5.8G 36.

OpenBSD Add Storage

you’ve got a maschine and you’re running out of disk space. attach a new disk like this: # fdisk -i sd1 Note: Substitue sd1 for your disk. ... # disklabel -E sd1 > p m > a a > quit # newfs sd1a # mkdir /data # mount /dev/sd1a /data/ and make permament in /etc/fstab Any Comments ? sha256: 56abce0047522e2a79b987cb878a8ef2a8e27ae9aa9e6e2266d58d8afd254793

OpenBSD 6.x Diskusage

How much Disk is used with Default Partitioning puffy66# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/sd0a 1005M 96.1M 858M 10% / /dev/sd0k 9.6G 2.0K 9.1G 0% /home /dev/sd0d 1.8G 12.0K 1.7G 0% /tmp /dev/sd0f 2.5G 955M 1.4G 39% /usr /dev/sd0g 1005M 202M 752M 21% /usr/X11R6 /dev/sd0h 4.2G 218K 3.9G 0% /usr/local /dev/sd0j 5.8G 2.0K 5.5G 0% /usr/obj /dev/sd0i 1.7G 2.0K 1.6G 0% /usr/src /dev/sd0e 2.8G 5.9M 2.7G 0% /var Example with 32 GB puffy66# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/sd0a 3.