OpenBSD - Rainloop

Source https://www.rainloop.net/ how to add a nice WebInterface to an existing Mailserver Vars export fqdn="your.server.de" add pkg PHP Version ? I took 8.1 pkg_add \ curl-- \ php--%8.1 \ php-curl--%8.1 \ php-pdo_sqlite--%8.1 \ php-zip--%8.1 \ pecl81-mcrypt \ unzip-- \ zip-- Cert Assume you already have a TLS Cert, you can skip this one php cd /etc/php-8.1.sample/ cp * /etc/php-8.1/ size sed -i 's/^upload_max_filesize.*/upload_max_filesize = 25M/' /etc/php-8.1.ini sed -i 's/^post_max_size.*/post_max_size = 29M/' /etc/php-8.