dmesg show disks dmesg |grep ^sd. sd0 at scsibus1 targ 0 lun 0: <ATA, KingFast, T031> t10.ATA_KingFast_04xxxxxxxxxxxx sd0: 114473MB, 512 bytes/sector, 234441648 sectors, thin sd1 at scsibus4 targ 1 lun 0: <JetFlash, Transcend 8GB, 1100> removable serial.85xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sd1: 7450MB, 512 bytes/sector, 15257600 sectors Show DiskLabel sysctl hw.disknames hw.disknames=sd0:9axxxxxxxxxxxxxx,sd1:60xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Show Disklabel sd1 disklabel sd1 disklabel sd1 # /dev/rsd1c: type: SCSI disk: SCSI disk label: Transcend 8GB duid: 60xxxxxxxxxxxxxx flags: bytes/sector: 512 sectors/track: 63 tracks/cylinder: 255 sectors/cylinder: 16065 cylinders: 949 total sectors: 15257600 boundstart: 64 boundend: 15257600 16 partitions: # size offset fstype [fsize bsize cpg] c: 15257600 0 unused Fdisk kill everything

how to create a bootable usb stick for catalina (MacOS 10.15)

stick: 16 GB format with GUID, name it USB cli: sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –volume /Volumes/USB/ –nointeraction wait about 20min Any Comments ? sha256: 01b5e44e316946854669173480af11682adf6a20f659711acf203473a601d253