Commento - Selfhosting Comment

Selfhosting Comment some people mentioned that they can’t commment on some blogs. let’s change that, even there is not lot of feedback. i appreciate and read every comment and interaction with you, my readers. poeple who knows me that i like todo most of the stuff self. so, i’d never buy a “service” for hosting some comments. i’ve got enough infrastructure running so i can host and operate it on my own.

OpenBSD - Rclone

WebDAV Server need a little WebDAV Server ? Selfhosting your Password DB ? pkg pkg_add rclone mkdir -p /rclone/webdav run rclone serve webdav /your/root/folder --addr YOUR_PUBLIC_IP:PORT \ --key /etc/ssl/certs/your.private.key \ --cert /etc/ssl/certs/your.public.cer \ --user someuser \ --pass somepass Browser browse to https://your_public_ip:port user: someuser pass: somepass done ! htpasswd got some Users and wanna put them in the htaccess file ? be carefull as these users all share the same folder !