Hugo Canonical

A canonical URL is the URL of the best representative page from a group of duplicate pages, according to Google. For example, if you have two URLs for the same page (such as and, Google chooses one as canonical. Similarly, if you have multiple pages that are nearly identical, Google can group them together (for example, pages that differ only by the sorting or filtering of the contents, such as by price or item color) and choose one as canonical.

Commento - Selfhosting Comment

Selfhosting Comment some people mentioned that they can’t commment on some blogs. let’s change that, even there is not lot of feedback. i appreciate and read every comment and interaction with you, my readers. poeple who knows me that i like todo most of the stuff self. so, i’d never buy a “service” for hosting some comments. i’ve got enough infrastructure running so i can host and operate it on my own.

OpenBSD - Rclone

WebDAV Server need a little WebDAV Server ? Selfhosting your Password DB ? pkg pkg_add rclone mkdir -p /rclone/webdav run rclone serve webdav /your/root/folder --addr YOUR_PUBLIC_IP:PORT \ --key /etc/ssl/certs/your.private.key \ --cert /etc/ssl/certs/your.public.cer \ --user someuser \ --pass somepass Browser browse to https://your_public_ip:port user: someuser pass: somepass done ! htpasswd got some Users and wanna put them in the htaccess file ? be carefull as these users all share the same folder !