Python Versions

History Long time ago, there were huge discussions about Python 2.7 or Python 3.xx. Fortunately, these times are gone and we’ve all gotten over the hurdle to Python 3. But are you on 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 ? or even 3.11 or 3.12 ? That’s the current Version you should use for your daily Projects ? Status of Python versions A good indicator is this Website: OpenBSD It’s also recommended to check what our Operating System is installing by default, or what you can get from their Package Repository.


Monaspace Do you like it ? I do … Install macOS brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts brew install font-monaspace Any Comments ? sha256: 9f088f3023c2e5c26817ccddbfb49ea25dd6f08d0ba3ac6e7ca9038f0d2e2547

Debian - MinIO

Minio on Debian Need some S3 Storage for Reasons ? Here a few Lines, how to Setup and enable TLS. Install Minio login as root for the whole installation. Or use sudo/doas if preferred. Upgrade you Box apt update && apt upgrade -y reboot if needed add User Let’s add User as we don’t wanna run it as root useradd -r minio-user -s /sbin/nologin Get Minio Download, set execute permission and move it

OpenBSD 7.4

OpenBSD 7.4 finally released Today, the 55th Release of OpenBSD was announced. My Upgrade Script is available here. Highlights vmd(8) has moved to a multi-process model for virtio(4) block and network devices malloc(3) now has built-in leak detection In OpenSSH 9.5, ssh-kengen(1) generates Ed25519 keys by default sec(4) for Route Based IPSec VPNs see the Post on Undeadly for more Details, or the OpenBSD Page … Script doas su - cd /root ftp https://blog.

OpenBSD 7.4 DevBox

OpenBSD 7.4 … will be released next week (23. Oct 2023). Why not have a look at the upcomming OS and prepare a VM for Software Development ? Preparation grab a fresh VM and Install OpenBSD 7.4 os version puffy74# sysctl kern.version kern.version=OpenBSD 7.4 (GENERIC.MP) #1396: Sun Oct 8 09:20:40 MDT 2023 empty vm puffy74# pkg_info quirks-6.159 exceptions to pkg_add rules and cache add go, rust, python puffy74# pkg_add go rust python3 quirks-6.

Jetporch - Jet

Intro did you ever heared of Jetporch, short Jet ? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one ;) Jet Project of Jet is being led by Michael DeHaan, the original creator of Ansible. So, expect something like Ansible, faster, written in rust … same same, but different. Installation on Debian 12 grab a fresh machine and patch it export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get clean apt-get autoclean apt-get update -y apt-get upgrade -yq apt-get dist-upgrade -yq apt-get autoremove -y Install Rust from Source jet needs rustc 1.

Poetry Packages

Let’s play with Packages and Libraries References Python Modules Poetry Scripts Switch to Root Folder cd /some/path/you/want Create a new Package poetry new mypackage add some libraries poetry add requests … add some code … cat << 'EOF' > mypackage/ print("importing", __name__) EOF cat << 'EOF' > mypackage/ print("importing", __name__) def test1(): print("test1") def test2(name: str): print("hello", name) def test3(name: str, age:int): print(f"Hello {name} at age {age}") if __name__ == "__main__": print("This is a Library or Package.

Hugo Table

How to add a Table to Hugo Create Table Shortcode cat <<'EOF'> layouts/shortcodes/table.html {{ $htmlTable := .Inner | markdownify }} {{ $class := .Get 0 }} {{ $old := "<table>" }} {{ $new := printf "<table class=\"%s\">" $class }} {{ $htmlTable := replace $htmlTable $old $new }} {{ $htmlTable | safeHTML }} </table> EOF Build Table add this to your Markdown File … | a | b | c | | - | - | - | | bli | bla | blu | | green | blue | red | Result a b c bli bla blu green blue red Align Left | a | b | c | | :- | :- | :- | | bli | bla | blu | | green | blue | red | Result a b c bli bla blu green blue red Align Right | a | b | c | | -: | -: | -: | | bli | bla | blu | | green | blue | red | Result a b c bli bla blu green blue red Any Comments ?

Debian behind TLS Proxy

Behind Corp Proxy let’s assume you’re behing a Corp Proxy which enforce TLS Inspection, you don’t have the Proxy Cert and you want to Upgrade your Boxes … … and of course, you do this in the LAB and for Research only and not your Productiv Environment! TLS Inspection enabled apt-get upate W: Failed to fetch Certificate verification failed: The certificate is NOT trusted. The certificate issuer is unknown. Could not handshake: Error in the certificate verification.

Python TinyDB

Storing Data in JSON - TinyDB Small Example how to Store Data in JSON, and Query them afterwards like a NOSQL DB. Have a look at TinyDB if you wanna see more. Code from tinydb import TinyDB, Query from pprint import pprint # Create or load a database file db = TinyDB('db.json') # insert some sample data def insert(): # Insert data db.insert({'name': 'John', 'age': 30}) db.insert({'name': 'Alice', 'age': 25, 'hobbies': 'sleep'}) db.