Docker - Disk Cleanup

Docker Cleanup if you play round with docker and fill up all your diskspace, as i did, the following command cleaned lot of wasted space. speciall in the /var/lib/docker/overlay2 - Folder. docker system prune --all --volumes --force Result ... yl6ajwpa4nyicajls7e8xhjwo hveehb6rp5drucnmm7ti2rc5g ot7dr6b4qpxcf2vaq1r23n56k qk2qk4dq0nch1lnghozdazjq9 3uewt5kxbyhemx1q410qamha7 Total reclaimed space: 21.45GB Any Comments ? sha256: 9770f41e2df8df14a08f6cd1ae244f7dff98afbb0baa10f076c8897210b18c44