Fastapi Project Template

Project Template for FastAPI gave a try with a FastAPI Template, https://github.com/rochacbruno/fastapi-project-template.git Projectname: gugus1234 clone the repo git clone https://github.com/rochacbruno/fastapi-project-template.git gugus1234 cd gugus1234 Switch Poetry i’d like to have poetry as virtual env manager make switch-to-poetry Rename some Stuff had to rename some string in pyproject and different files … mv project_name gugug1234 gsed -i 's/a-flask-test/gugus1234/' pyproject.toml gsed -i 's/project_name/gugus1234/' pyproject.toml gsed -i 's/project_name/gugus1234/g' gugus1234/cli.py gugus1234/app.py gugus1234/config.py gugus1234/security.py Run Poetry once poetry shell poetry lock poetry install Admin User let’s create admin user