OpenBSD - Terraform

Terraform OpenBSD & Vultr doas pkg_add git gmake go terraform cat << EOF # Go, $(date) export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin export GOPATH=$(go env GOPATH) EOF mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/; cd $GOPATH/src/ git clone cd $GOPATH/src/ gmake build cat << 'EOF' > terraform { required_providers { vultr = { source = "vultr/vultr" version = "2.12.1" } } } resource "vultr_instance" "web" { count = 2 plan = "vc2-1c-1gb" region = "fra" hostname = "web-${count.

K8s - Kubernetes

Show Contexts kubectl config get-contexts CURRENT NAME CLUSTER AUTHINFO NAMESPACE * do-fra1-k8s-1-24-xxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-24-xxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-24-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-25-xxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-25-xxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-1-25-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx do-fra1-k8s-xxxxx do-fra1-k8s-xxxxx do-fra1-k8s-xxxxxxxxxxx Delete old Contexts kubectl config delete-context do-fra1-k8s-xxxxx Any Comments ? sha256: f12aa09936d175b3e23f2eebc1c152675d68dce6096b9ec02d7f8429b954b4fe

K3s - Kubernetes

Let’s give a Try with Kubernetes Mini, K3s Source Overview TestSetup Booting a few VM’s on my ESX Host. All of them got 4 CPU’s, 32 GB RAM, 100G Disk 1 MasterNode Master 3 WorkerNodes Worker01 Worker02 Worker03 All Maschines are Running Debian Latest, that’s Version 11.6 at the Moment Setup Master curl -sfL | sh - root@master:~/bin/test_kubernetes# curl -sfL | sh - [INFO] Finding release for channel stable [INFO] Using v1.

Django on Gooogle Cloud

I’ll give a try running an Application on Google Cloud. Not with great sucess :( Source Get Cloud List, Active Account gcloud auth list gcloud config set account '' List Projects gcloud config list project [core] project = cloud-run-372113 Your active configuration is: [cloudshell-6045] username@cloudshell:~ (cloud-run-372113)$ Set Project ID gcloud config set project cloud-run-372113 username@cloudshell:~ (cloud-run-372113)$ gcloud config set project cloud-run-372113 Updated property [core/project]. Enable API gcloud services enable \ artifactregistry.

Deploy VM's with Terraform in 10min

Managing VM’s on Hetzner Cloud with Terraform you may want to manage some vm in the cloud. webgui is nice, but a real nerd needs cli ;) some notes how to get terraform running with OpenBSD. add Packages (3min) $ time doas pkg_add git gmake go terraform 3m18.62s real 0m19.53s user 0m07.73s system set GO PATH echo "GOPATH=$HOME/go" >> ~/.profile echo "export GOPATH" >> ~/.profile . ./.profile echo $GOPATH build terraform provider for hcloud (2min) As the hcloud is not available for OpenBSD, we have to build it on our own.