Anycast - Checker

When is an anycast ip an anycast ip ? that’s a question i was asked recently. As LTNN (Long Term Networking Nerd), i’m aware of Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast and also Anycast. so, let’s have a look into this. hint: this article is not about how to setup your own anycast network. this may follow soon ?!? Terminologie Unicast 1:1 Sending a message from one sender to one recipient Multicast 1:many Sending a message from one sender to multiple recipients

OpenBSD - Terraform

Terraform OpenBSD & Vultr doas pkg_add git gmake go terraform cat << EOF # Go, $(date) export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin export GOPATH=$(go env GOPATH) EOF mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/; cd $GOPATH/src/ git clone cd $GOPATH/src/ gmake build cat << 'EOF' > terraform { required_providers { vultr = { source = "vultr/vultr" version = "2.12.1" } } } resource "vultr_instance" "web" { count = 2 plan = "vc2-1c-1gb" region = "fra" hostname = "web-${count.