Let’s have a look a the old and simple “cgi-bin” stuff on OpenBSD. The Webserver is written by the OpenBSD Guys, and it runs in a chrooted environment. switch to cgi-bin dir cd /var/www/cgi-bin/ ip.cgi create the file under /var/www/cgi-bin called ‘ip.cgi’ cat << 'EOG' > ip.cgi #!/bin/sh cat << EOF Content-type: text/html <html><head> <title>IP: $REMOTE_ADDR</title> </head><body> <p>Your IP address is: $REMOTE_ADDR</p> </body></html> EOF EOG Set Owner & Permission chmod 500 ip.

OpenBSD - Minio

Inspired Requirements Fresh VM, running OpenBSD 7.2, fully patched Public IP, all Ports allowed FQDN pointing to your IP run all the commands as root (or with ‘doas’ prepending …) add Package as usual with OpenBSD pkg_add minio Extend File Limits we need some more current open files … cat << EOF >> /etc/login.conf # Minio, added $(date) EOF cat << 'EOF' >> /etc/login.conf minio:\ :openfiles-cur=4096:\ :openfiles-max=8192:\ :tc=daemon: EOF # Rebuild capdb cap_mkdb /etc/login.