Poetry Packages

Let’s play with Packages and Libraries References Python Modules Poetry Scripts Switch to Root Folder cd /some/path/you/want Create a new Package poetry new mypackage add some libraries poetry add requests … add some code … cat << 'EOF' > mypackage/ print("importing", __name__) EOF cat << 'EOF' > mypackage/ print("importing", __name__) def test1(): print("test1") def test2(name: str): print("hello", name) def test3(name: str, age:int): print(f"Hello {name} at age {age}") if __name__ == "__main__": print("This is a Library or Package.

OpenBSD - Packages

How to Build a Package on OpenBSD Thx for the Initial Support …! Useful Links Setup Build Machine on Current Install OpenBSD Upgrade to Current get SYS & Ports Switch to Port to Update cd /usr/ports/net/scapy Change to 2.5.0 make makesum make update-plist make make test make install make package Add your own PKG Repo export PKG_PATH="" # Check Repo root@host# pkg_info -Q scapy scapy-2.5.0p0 # add Repo root@host# pkg_add -V scapy https://your.