OpenBSD 7.4

OpenBSD 7.4 finally released Today, the 55th Release of OpenBSD was announced. My Upgrade Script is available here. Highlights vmd(8) has moved to a multi-process model for virtio(4) block and network devices malloc(3) now has built-in leak detection In OpenSSH 9.5, ssh-kengen(1) generates Ed25519 keys by default sec(4) for Route Based IPSec VPNs see the Post on Undeadly for more Details, or the OpenBSD Page … Script doas su - cd /root ftp https://blog.

OpenBSD 7.3

OpenBSD 7.3 finally released. Today, the 54th Release of OpenBSD was announced. The Upgrade Script is available here … one cool thing to mention: Added initial support in the installer for guided disk encryption for amd64, i386, riscv64 and sparc64. Script as root cd /root ftp ftp chmod u+x Execute ./ Any Comments ? sha256: 000c2b0afa4739a87a7e921ec1fcfa4fb9113effd47e2f2456dfb2b66f65a34f