OpenBSD - PHP 8.2

Running PHP on OpenBSD yes, i know … it’s not rocket science .. but why not make a short post so other (or myself) can have a quick look if needed ? pkg_info -Q php pkg_add php--%8.2 pkg_add php-sqlite3--%8.2 pkg_add php-curl--%8.2 Set TimeZone and allow short open tags sed -i s'#date.timezone = UTC.*#date.timezone = Europe/Zurich#' /etc/php-8.2.ini sed -i s'#short_open_tag = Off.*#short_open_tag = On#' /etc/php-8.2.ini Install all Modules if needed .. does not make sense for me :(

OpenBSD 7.3

OpenBSD 7.3 finally released. Today, the 54th Release of OpenBSD was announced. The Upgrade Script is available here … one cool thing to mention: Added initial support in the installer for guided disk encryption for amd64, i386, riscv64 and sparc64. Script as root cd /root ftp https://blog.stoege.net/scripts/.helpers ftp https://blog.stoege.net/scripts/upgrade_to_73.sh chmod u+x upgrade_to_73.sh Execute ./upgrade_to_73.sh Any Comments ? sha256: 000c2b0afa4739a87a7e921ec1fcfa4fb9113effd47e2f2456dfb2b66f65a34f

OpenBSD 7.3 - Diskusage

New Proposal for 7.3 there is an request for at least 1.1GB free Storage at the /usr Partition when upgrading your systeme with sysupgrade. so, i have to adapt my settings a bit for new vm’s with at least 25GB Storage. Example with 20GB a 4G / a 1G swap a 1G /tmp a 4G /var a 6G /usr a * /home (ca. 4 GB) Example with 25GB (Vultr) a 4G / a 2G swap a 2G /tmp a 6G /var a 6G /usr a * /home (ca.

NextCloud - OpenBSD 7.3

NextCloud on OpenBSD 7.3 some install notes … Powerup Fresh VM Upgrade to 7.3 Beta (7.3 is not yet released) pkg_info nextcloud pkg_info -Q nextcloud -D snap nextcloud-23.0.12p0 nextcloud-24.0.10 nextcloud-25.0.4 nextcloudclient-3.7.4 adding 25.0.4 pkg_add -D snap nextcloud quirks-6.121 signed on 2023-03-21T18:57:42Z Ambiguous: choose package for nextcloud a 0: <None> 1: nextcloud-23.0.12p0 2: nextcloud-24.0.10 3: nextcloud-25.0.4 Your choice: 3 installed: php-8.1 lot of stuff got some readme ... nextcloud-25.0.4:gd-2.3.3: ok nextcloud-25.0.4:php-gd-8.1.16: ok nextcloud-25.