as i’m using vim almost every day, why not make some notes to improve the skillz ? Source: and others … .vimrc my vim config file. do backup of the old file first! test -f ~/.vimrc && cp ~/.vimrc ~/.vimrc.bak-$(date "+%s") cat << 'EOF' > ~/.vimrc " sample .vimrc from " Use 2 spaces for tabs set shiftwidth=2 set tabstop=2 set expandtab set softtabstop=0 set ruler set mouse=r " Disable backup and swap files because they cause more problems than they solve set nobackup set noswapfile " Display line numbers set number " Color syntax on " colorscheme delek EOF show whitespaces :set list show numbers :set numbers ignore case :set ignorecase Convert File to xxd (hex editor) :%!