Python - Redirector

Redirector App wrote a little redirector app and tought i will explain and share it here. it’s a bit like a url shortener, but you can define the “shortcut” of the URL. how does it work it basically consists of a Text File wir Redirection URL’s. redi.txt stoege,https://www.stoege.net blog,https://blog.stoege.net test,https://www.test.com Call it so, when you open a Browser and Request the URL: https://your.domain.de/blog, you get redirected to https://blog.stoege.net main.app from flask import Flask, redirect, request import datetime import os import random # Vars redirect_file="redi.

Flask JWT - Sample

Flask & JWT getting your hands dirty with Flask and JWT Source https://dev.to/grahammorby/jwt-auth-in-flask-python-18i4 with some modifications by myself … Environment Test under macOS & OpenBSD, Poetry installed and working Script build virtual env export app="app100" export FLASK_APP="${app}/app" poetry new ${app} cd ${app} set python 3.10 poetry env use $(which python3.10) gsed -i "s/python = \"^3.*$/python = \"^3.10\"/" pyproject.toml poetry lock add packages wget -4 -O requirements.txt https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GrahamMorbyDev/jwt-flask/master/requirements.txt echo "marshmallow-sqlalchemy" >> requirements.