i like to run honeypots … ok, to be honest, it’s not a honeypot. It’s a productive maschine for me, but all the bots trying to get in get’s redirected to a Honeypot, the credentials were captured and last but not least, you can watch them live in your browser :) btw. 100k failed login attempts in 10 Day … have fun ! sha256: 9d42ea2e3328469699053a8ccbc0bf1e6c5e3a62d7b9d07b18afc95fbb655762

RPKI for Home Usage

Resource Public Key Infrastructure you may know what RPKI is … It’s a PKI Framework for improving Security for the Internet Routing Infrastructure based on BGP. As a HomeUser or Small/Medium Size Company, you normally don’t have a Full BGP Table and multipe Upstream Providers. You have one Internet Router or Firewall and you get a Default Route from your ISP. With OpenBGPD and the current rpki extensions, you “just” need a Full BGP Feed and then, you can filter all invalid ROA’s and keep your Routing (and Internet Access) more Secure.


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