IPv6 Reverse DNS

IPv6 is fun, if you know how to handle it ! As a “sponsor LIR”, i got my own AS and a small /44 IP Space. So, as we all do “forward” DNS with our Domains, i’d like to have Reverse DNS as well. And as i don’t have a legacy IP Range, i like todo it with my v6 Space. Special thanks to Christian for his remote Hands/Tips. Appreciate it!

ipv4 & ipv6

What’s my Public IP[4|6] Address from Cli ? We all know the Situation when we’re working on some Maschines, locally or through ssh and asking ourself what ip address we get when reach out the internet. My Dude “m2m” was so kind to wrote a litte Service years ago. IP Inno CH - just try it out and you get the anwer, for ipv4 and ipv6 on one page. With IP, PTR, SAS and other information.