NextCloud - OpenBSD 7.3

NextCloud on OpenBSD 7.3 some install notes … Powerup Fresh VM Upgrade to 7.3 Beta (7.3 is not yet released) pkg_info nextcloud pkg_info -Q nextcloud -D snap nextcloud-23.0.12p0 nextcloud-24.0.10 nextcloud-25.0.4 nextcloudclient-3.7.4 adding 25.0.4 pkg_add -D snap nextcloud quirks-6.121 signed on 2023-03-21T18:57:42Z Ambiguous: choose package for nextcloud a 0: <None> 1: nextcloud-23.0.12p0 2: nextcloud-24.0.10 3: nextcloud-25.0.4 Your choice: 3 installed: php-8.1 lot of stuff got some readme ... nextcloud-25.0.4:gd-2.3.3: ok nextcloud-25.0.4:php-gd-8.1.16: ok nextcloud-25.