Wireguard on Debian

Wireguard with Debian Grab a Fresh Debian which has Public Internet Access. Target is to build a WG Tunnel and assign a Public IP to the Server. Debian 11.6 apt-get install -y wireguard wireguard-tools Gen Key cd /etc/wireguard umask 077; wg genkey | tee privatekey | wg pubkey > publickey Set Vars myprivkey=$(cat privatekey) mypublicaddress="45.xx.xx.xx/28, 2a0e:xxxx:xxx::xxx/64" yourpubkey="3XK8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=" yourpubip="45.xxx.xxx.xxx" yourpubport="443" Config cat << EOF > wg0.conf [Interface] PrivateKey = ${myprivkey} Address = PUBLIC_IP_V4/xx, PUBLIC_IP_V6/xx [Peer] PublicKey = ${yourpubkey} Endpoint = ${yourpubip}:${yourpubport} AllowedIPs = 0.

Wireguard with Public IP behind NAT

… or how to host a Dualstacked Public Website behind a IPv4 NAT Box without Reverse Proxy, Portforwarding and other ugly stuff … inspired by the following Post, i started a little project and redesigned the connectifity for my Hamster’s Webserver :) i wrote a mail to the guys from tetaneutral.net and asked them for the wireguard vpn service with public ipv4/ipv6 adresses for my server. as i didn’t get any feedback, i had to implement the “Server” on my own.