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Dog (echo dig |sed ’s/i/o/')

you know nslookup, dig, hosts, getenv and all the commans for the cli. but have you ever tried dog ?


and their Doku:

dog is an open-source DNS client for the command-line. It has colourful output, supports the DoT and DoH protocols, and can emit JSON.

Install Package

doas pkg_add dog


DNS over TLS

$ dog --tls

DNS Request over HTTPS

$ dog -H @   
A 18m08s

Json Support

$ dog --json | jq .responses[0].answers[0]
  "address": "",
  "class": "IN",
  "name": "",
  "ttl": 7111,
  "type": "A"

sha256: cd310ac82eea8ab2e06ed50f91f604658b8c671fad89109cf8c3cc378830e6b3