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bhyve, pronounced “beehive” is a hypervisor/virtual machine manager for FreeBSD that supports most Intel and AMD processors that report the “POPCNT” (POPulation Count) processor feature in dmesg(8).

Download ISO and boot it

… in a new Virtual Machine …

cat << 'EOF' >
#!/usr/bin/env bash


# Load Module if needed
kldstat |grep vmm.ko || kldload vmm

ifconfig tap0 create

ifconfig bridge0 create
ifconfig bridge0 addm vmx0 addm tap0
ifconfig bridge0 create
ifconfig bridge0 up

# Get ISO
test -f $iso || fetch$iso

# Prepare Disk File
test -f $vm || truncate -s 16G $vm

# Boot from ISO
sh /usr/share/examples/bhyve/ -m 1024M -t tap0 -d guest.img -i -I $iso vm001

exit 0

Set Permission and run it

chmod 700

-> Run Live System or install a brand new System

Any Comments ?

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